Streamcardano vs DocuSign on Ethereum Comparison Table

DocuSign on Ethereum
Compliant with legal regulations and be accepted by courts Yes Yes
Signature visible in a document Yes M2 No
Storage of documents Yes No
Sharing of documents notifications Yes
Signing workflow Planned for M3 No
Document templates filling forms Yes
Open-source solution Yes No
Distributed Non-proprietary storage N/A

[DocuSign]( is a commercial solution available integrated with the Ethereum blockchain. In this solution, only the document signature is stored in a blockchain (currently only Ethereum), and the solution does not support storing nor sharing/transferring the document. One needs to have a copy of the document to verify the signature: "Anyone with a copy of the agreement can check it against the blockchain-stored evidence to verify the copy's integrity against the original DocuSigned file." AdaStamp offers added value to DocuSign and similar solutions by allowing storage and sharing of documents that are to be signed.